Delinquent Property Taxes Minnesota

Every property we have owned is subject to property tax. There is no way to avoiding it. We all have to pay every year. Ignoring this responsibility is the worst thing you can do, as penalties and interest will increase on your Delinquent property taxes until they have been paid or your property faces a tax sale. There are penalties for those people who leave their tax unpaid allowing it to become Delinquent property tax. The good news is that there is a payment plan for people who want to get back their property which is subject to delinquent taxes. When a tax default occurs a Delinquent Property Tax is permitted to go unpaid, after this it can be sold to a public at auction, but even before it is presented for sale it can be obtained by a public agency. During that time you do have the option to regain your property by paying the delinquent taxes and penalties.

Delinquent Property Tax


Steps to Deal with Delinquent Property Taxes:

Do you have some Delinquent real estate taxes on your Property? Are you in a panic condition? You do not need to worry about the problems you are facing with Delinquent property taxes. Property taxes are usually a difficult issue and most of the people get puzzled about this. Here are some steps to resolve your issues regarding your delinquent property taxes.

  • 1) You should Contact your tax collector. Tax collector will be a best source of information and will assist you about payment plan. When people do not answer to tax collectors are considered as non-payers of delinquent property taxes by tax collectors and they start other methods for collection of tax. Whenever you talk about your delinquent property taxes with your tax collector, make sure to ask the penalties and interest you have accrued in your account. If the interest rate charged by the tax collector is greater than the interest on loan, then you should opt for the loan to pay your taxes.
  • Secondly, you should talk with Mortgage agency. If you have mortgage on your home you can pay your tax along with your mortgage payments on a monthly basis. Mortgage agencies collect this tax amount monthly. They pay your taxes at the end of the year. In this way you would not only be relieved of the taxes of this year but would also be prepared for delinquent property taxes in coming year.
  • Pay your tax collector something or a small amount of money to show that you are willing to pay back your taxes even if in small instalments. In this way your tax collector would have an impression that you are paying your pending bills.

Delinquent Property Taxes Minnesota


In most of cases, tax collectors do not put lien on the property. If you don’t pay your taxes at time or do not make any arrangements to pay your tax, then your taxes may be sold at Delinquent Tax Lien Sale. Many people think that their property is sold in these types of sale is not true as only your Delinquent Taxes are sold and not your property. But if you do not pay the taxes to holder of delinquent tax lien then he or she can foreclose the lien and acquire your property. So, it will be an alarming situation for you if your lien is sold in the sale.

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